Back in early October, I put together a handful of flashable zips for a friend who managed to root his EVO 4G, but was uncomfortable doing anything other than flashing zips from recovery (specifically Rom Manager from the market).  I put those zips up on XDA, and they turned out to be pretty popular.  So I put up more.

On XDA, I linked to pages where you can see what the fonts look like, and download the font files yourselves, but there was no room for screen shots.  That’s what I’m hoping to do here.

FontPacks have only been tested on the EVO 4G, but should work on ALL Android phones!

Requires root.

To use the FontPacks:
Just copy to sdcard and flash as you would any update.zip. These only change the system font, so you can flash one on top of the other until you find one you like, but if you want to do a Nandroid Backup first, that’s ok too.

By the way – If you’re downloading any of these fontpacks with the intent of using them, it’s assumed you understand the language and risks involved with rooting Android phones and that you know what you’re doing. So use these at your own risk. On the off, off, off, chance that these break something in your phone, I won’t be held responsible.

Also – for the record, none of these fonts were created by me. I’ve tried to make sure that the proper credit is given for each, as well as link to the public, non-commercial download page where the font is freely available.  If you believe there are any copyright issues with any of these fonts, please send an email to fachadicksblog@gmail.com.

  1. Do I have to wide or format anything lime when u flash a new rom? Or just download to root of sd card and flash over current rom. Sorry just want to make sure

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